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12:55 OpenAtlas Bug #1557 (Closed): Save buttons blocked by map
Works great. Thank you so much! Nina Brundke


14:58 OpenAtlas Question #1560 (Closed): File upload limit affects multiple files instead single ones
It appears that an upload of multiple files is not possible anymore when the combined size of all files is bigger tha... Nina Brundke


17:02 OpenAtlas Feature #1558 (Closed): Manual entry profession
Because this question occured several times, we created a manual entry on how to add a profession to an actor. Nina Brundke
15:01 OpenAtlas Bug #1557 (Closed): Save buttons blocked by map
If you enter data and do not move the map to the right side, it is not possible to use (some of) the save buttons, es... Nina Brundke


15:54 OpenAtlas Feature #1541 (Acknowledged): Linking references to multiple subunits
Linking multiple subunits to one reference at a time would be highly desirable. it would save a lot of time during da... Nina Brundke


10:35 OpenAtlas Bug #1524 (Closed): Missing manual pages, e.g. UI Elements
The "UI Elements" entry in the manual does not work. When trying to look at it shows a "Not found" warning. https://t... Nina Brundke
10:33 OpenAtlas Feature #1523 (Closed): Performance issues while linking pictures
When linking an already uploaded picture to a new databank entry the list with available pictures seems to load slowe... Nina Brundke


10:36 OpenAtlas Bug #1519 (Closed): Adding new types is not possible anymore
It is not possible to add new entities to already existing types. The + button next to the type is missing. This bug ... Nina Brundke


13:51 OpenAtlas Feature #1509 (Closed): Manual - examples for use cases
Update of the manual with workflow examples and more detail pages
* Workflow for archaeological subunit
* Workfl...
Nina Brundke


13:35 OpenAtlas Bug #1507 (Closed): Bulk upload of images and citation
If you do a bulk upload of images related to a citation e.g. Krenn 1939, it is possible to add a page where the pictu... Nina Brundke

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