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16:29 OpenAtlas Feature #1738 (Closed): UI Translations
Nina Richards
11:36 OpenAtlas Feature #1778 (Acknowledged): Manual: system class and menu item entries
An entry for the system classes should be created in the manual so that the API documentation can be linked to it. In... Nina Richards


11:54 OpenAtlas Feature #1758 (Closed): Switch between different network visualisations
For presenting the functionality of OpenAtlas, it would be great if there were a possibility to switch between the di... Nina Richards


12:10 OpenAtlas Bug #1755 (Closed): Obsolete CIDOC model in demo version
I was using the CIDOC validator ( and recognized, that "P176 starts before ... Nina Richards
10:15 OpenAtlas Feature #1751: Model documentation in manual
I checked in with Stefan this morning and according to him, the OA shortcuts are still up to date. So, if that's okay... Nina Richards


14:46 OpenAtlas Feature #1753 (Acknowledged): Make a copy of an entry
As I mainly enter human teeth with all of their diseases now, it would save me a lot of time if it would be possible ... Nina Richards
14:41 OpenAtlas Feature #1752: Add a place column for sub units to type view
Yes, I think that is what I mean - adding a column to the table that displays the place name that is connected to. Nina Richards
13:47 OpenAtlas Feature #1726 (Closed): Manual: add FAQs
Nina Richards
13:46 OpenAtlas Feature #1726: Manual: add FAQs
I've added a FAQ to the manual that will go public with the next OpenAtlas release. Nina Richards
13:46 OpenAtlas Feature #1710 (Closed): Manual: add CIDOC links for entity classes
I added the links to the manual and they will be public with the next release. Nina Richards

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