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14:28 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Meeting_2023-12-06 (#2)
Olivia Reichl
14:14 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2139 (In Progress): Integrate nuxt-i18n (URL localisation)
To-Do: Modify all links Olivia Reichl
14:11 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2138 (In Progress): Integrate a CMS (decap) for the content workflow
Decap allows to commit markdown to GitHub in a user-friendly interface.
To-Do: Add authentication via GitHub
Olivia Reichl
14:08 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2137 (Acknowledged): Generic imprint linked in footer
In case a (non-oeaw) imprint is needed, we need an extra function: The imprint, defined in the CMS, is displayed in t... Olivia Reichl
14:04 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2053: Legal issues for sites
Default: No imprint
Config: ACDH-imprint
Olivia Reichl
13:49 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2053 (In Progress): Legal issues for sites
Olivia Reichl
14:00 OpenAtlas Discovery Feature #2056 (Acknowledged): Encode State into the URL
Olivia Reichl
13:50 OpenAtlas Discovery Bug #2068 (Closed): Routing buttons break site on mutliple clicks
Olivia Reichl
13:50 OpenAtlas Feature #2019 (Acknowledged): Redesign admin area
Olivia Reichl


13:38 OpenAtlas Feature #2019 (Assigned): Redesign admin area
Olivia Reichl

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