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16:02 OpenAtlas Frontend Administration #1259 (Acknowledged): Draft for Frontend structure
To my favorite team ;-)
I set up a "wiki page":
Stefan Eichert
15:58 OpenAtlas Frontend Wiki edit: Concept (#1)
Stefan Eichert
10:22 OpenAtlas Frontend Wiki edit: Wiki (#6)
Stefan Eichert


11:09 OpenAtlas Administration #1258 (In Progress): Manual Text for Subunits
In the OpenAtlas database a place is a physical thing that has a certain position and or extend in space that can be ... Stefan Eichert
09:41 OpenAtlas Feature #1216: Citation
I think this could be (from a conceptual point of view) achieved by differentiating between primary and secondary (bi... Stefan Eichert


09:34 OpenAtlas Administration #1257 (New): Hackathon
Dear "core" team!
As with version 5.0 a lot of new features have been implemented and due to the rapid development...
Stefan Eichert


09:33 OpenAtlas Feature #1229 (Acknowledged): Show reference description on mouseover
It would be helpful to show the description (i.e. the full citation) of references in the datatables where the linked... Stefan Eichert


11:23 OpenAtlas Feature #1221: Introduction text for OpenAtlas
Draft for introduction:
OpenAtlas is an open source database software developed especially to acquire, edit and ma...
Stefan Eichert


15:25 OpenAtlas Feature #1215: Time spans for types
These timespans should only apply to custom types. One solution could be to turn this option on when creating a new c... Stefan Eichert
11:37 OpenAtlas Feature #1215 (Acknowledged): Time spans for types
In addition to files and external references for types, it would be beneficial to also be able to store temporal info... Stefan Eichert

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