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12:29 OpenAtlas Feature #2127: Linking artifacts with other artifacts
This could be implemented by using a relation similar to actor-actor relationships. OA7
Artifact - Artifact relati...
Stefan Eichert


17:54 OpenAtlas Question #2000: Linking events with artifacts
One possibility would be to use the modification event that can be used with a direct connection to an artifact. See ... Stefan Eichert


10:52 OpenAtlas Feature #1834: Solve confusing actor relations at move event
If we remove the person field, we would need to add an "moved by" option to the actor selection then instead to make ... Stefan Eichert


11:06 OpenAtlas Feature #1834: Solve confusing actor relations at move event
Regarding the CRM, Move events can only target Physical Things E19 or subclasses such as biological objects E20 (whic... Stefan Eichert


13:41 OpenAtlas Feature #2070: Modification (E11) for Place (E18)
Thank you! And sorry for messing up the previous ticket by reopening it. Stefan Eichert
09:48 OpenAtlas Feature #1952 (New): E11 Modification
I reopen this ticket. It turned out, that in the UI you can only link E22 to E11 via E31. We would need to link place... Stefan Eichert


14:03 OpenAtlas Bug #2051 (Closed): Wrong direction for P9
If I am not wrong, similar to, the direction of/for P9 seems to reversed. The s... Stefan Eichert


10:56 OpenAtlas Bug #2007: Wrong direction for P134
Thank you very much! Stefan Eichert


16:50 OpenAtlas Bug #2009 (Closed): Wrong names for OA8/OA9 in
In the table the entries for OA8/OA9 begin with a leading space.
Also the name value for OA9 should b...
Stefan Eichert
15:29 OpenAtlas Bug #2007 (Closed): Wrong direction for P134
I came upon a possible bug in the mapping of preceding/succeding events:
e.g. these events:
Stefan Eichert

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