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15:40 OpenAtlas Bug #1045: Cannot save polygon after map has moved
No idea why, but I could not reproduce it either... So I suggest we close this one for now... Thanks for the work though


14:19 OpenAtlas Feature #1047 (Acknowledged): Import geometries
In many cases geometries for places, features and stratigraphic units already exist as research data from various sou...
14:13 OpenAtlas Feature #1046 (Assigned): Thanados Roadmap
This issue documents developments for OpenAtlas that would be needed for THANADOS
- Display georeferenced Images i...
14:05 OpenAtlas Bug #1045 (Closed): Cannot save polygon after map has moved
Found this bug in the dev-demo version (not tested yet in other ones)
When drawing a polygon in the edit mode and ...


16:50 OpenAtlas Feature #1035 (Acknowledged): OpenAtlas project site adaptions
For the OpenAtlas project website on
* Short page with basic functionality explana...


17:38 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Notes (#36)
17:32 OpenAtlas Feature #1026 (Closed): Check function for duplicate links
Case 1: Since it can happen during imports that various links to types that must not be multiple like system types fo...


18:07 OpenAtlas Feature #1005 (Acknowledged): Pelagios
Think about general possibilities to connect OpenAtlas with Pelagios
18:01 OpenAtlas Feature #1004 (Acknowledged): Dates before 4713 BC
Dates before 4713 BC are problematic because they can't be saved as a postgresql timestamp.
It could be saved as t...


11:52 OpenAtlas Bug #1000 (Closed): Bookmarks not working
Just tried to bookmark an entry. Did not work. Either I am too stupid to realize where the bookmarks are stored or it...

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