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16:07 OpenAtlas Feature #1620 (In Progress): Natural events
Alexander Watzinger
15:47 OpenAtlas Feature #1574 (Assigned): Dates with hours and minutes
Alexander Watzinger
15:08 OpenAtlas Feature #1573: 3d geometries
We already solved the prerequisites (restructuring GIS tables) in OpenAtlas with the latest release. Once we receive ... Alexander Watzinger


14:48 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1685 (Closed): Make static links work
Thanks Andi for looking into it and Christoph for providing assistance. I took some time and looked into it too, mult... Alexander Watzinger


15:30 OpenAtlas Feature #1581: Upgrade Bootstrap to 5
@Andi: while you are at it, I would kindly ask if you could look into layout issues of
1) CIDOC class view:
* ex...
Alexander Watzinger
15:18 OpenAtlas Feature #1710 (Acknowledged): Add CIDOC links to manual
Jona from the INDIGO project kindly suggested to add CIDOC links to the entities documented in the manual.
This is a...
Alexander Watzinger


07:46 OpenAtlas Feature #1708 (Acknowledged): Link multiple references at the same time
Alexander Watzinger


17:20 OpenAtlas Feature #1708: Link multiple references at the same time
The reason why it is only possible to link one reference at a time is that there is an additional step, where you can... Alexander Watzinger
13:51 OpenAtlas Question #1705 (Closed): Code review
Sadly the idea of a code review won't work out this time. I closed the issue and changed it to question in case we ge... Alexander Watzinger


19:41 OpenAtlasDiscovery Feature #1685: Make static links work
I talked with Christoph about it and he told he managed this to work and it's documented in the bottom of the README ... Alexander Watzinger

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