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11:42 OpenAtlas Feature #2067: IIIF presentation API
*A few thoughts about the libraries*
* We are not limited to Debian packages if they are "just" JavaScript libraries...
Alexander Watzinger


14:36 OpenAtlas Feature #2071 (Assigned): Refactor and minor improvements
* Resolving and reducing Python imports in code base Alexander Watzinger
10:18 OpenAtlas Feature #2026: External reference systems for type hierarchies
Thanks a lot Bernhard for implementing it for the VOCABS API too so quickly. Alexander Watzinger


13:46 OpenAtlas Feature #2070: E11 Modification for E18
No problem. And sorry from my side for missing the E18 requirement in the previous issue. We will get there ;) Alexander Watzinger
12:01 OpenAtlas Feature #2070 (Acknowledged): E11 Modification for E18
As Stefan reported, Modification should be available for E18 too as requested in the previous issue.
I put it on the...
Alexander Watzinger
10:47 OpenAtlas Feature #1952: E11 Modification
Thank you Stefan for reporting but please don't open up issues from already closed versions and remove the target ver... Alexander Watzinger


16:48 OpenAtlas Feature #1828 (In Progress): Move image size config to backend
I ran with this into issues like with related #1442 because g.settings (used for settings stored in the database) isn... Alexander Watzinger
16:34 OpenAtlas Feature #1442 (In Progress): API: CORS Settings in Backend UI
Alexander Watzinger
14:44 OpenAtlas Bug #2069: Broken buttons for preceding event
I looked into the reversed sorting of the buttons. Seems the culprit is a *.float-end* CSS used at the modal window.
Alexander Watzinger
12:52 OpenAtlas Bug #2069 (Closed): Broken buttons for preceding event
It is now fixed in release 7.16.1 and also in develop and online instances like THANADOS are updated.
I noticed that...
Alexander Watzinger

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