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17:32 OpenAtlas Feature #1406 (In Progress): OpenAtlas Website
Alexander Watzinger
14:42 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Release_workflow (#25)
Alexander Watzinger
12:02 OpenAtlas Feature #1395: Content for frontends
After Berni's and my work is done assigning to Christoph for last step. Alexander Watzinger
11:59 OpenAtlas Feature #1409 (Closed): Redesign forms
Alexander Watzinger


13:15 OpenAtlas Feature #1407 (Closed): Extend session availability (prevent CSRF token timeout)
Thanks for reporting. Changed it to feature because it doesn't seem to be bug, just a timeout which we can raise.
I ...
Alexander Watzinger
12:59 OpenAtlas Feature #1409 (Closed): Redesign forms
The forms are completely redesigned in the backend to make them more generic and easier to extend. Although most of i... Alexander Watzinger


22:00 OpenAtlas Bug #1408 (Closed): Link checker broken
Thanks for reporting. Is fixed in *develop* branch for 5.6.0 and online on Alexander Watzinger


19:17 OpenAtlas Feature #930: Wikidata API
Already implemented in *develop* branch and online at: Alexander Watzinger
19:10 OpenAtlas Feature #1405: Nice Wikidata autocomplete field
@ Christoph, Wikidata is already merged in *develop* on GitHub and also online on https://https://demo-dev.openatlas.... Alexander Watzinger
13:27 OpenAtlas Feature #1352 (In Progress): Tool for Anthropological Analyses
@ @Stefan
We are already at the conception phase. One implementation option would be to use *value types* to enter d...
Alexander Watzinger

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