Alexander Watzinger





14:50 OpenAtlas Wiki edit: Presentations_and_Workshops (#15)
14:45 OpenAtlas Feature #993 (Assigned): Refactor links
After refactoring the dates we decided to drop the table model.link_property because the only entries left there woul...


13:26 OpenAtlas Feature #989 (Acknowledged): Improved display of value types in forms
I assume the ticket is more about the display (clearer indentation and/or opening/closing nodes with jsTree) rather t...
12:59 OpenAtlas Administration #973 (Closed): Meeting topics 2008-01-08
Closing ticket, hope thats ok but we already had that meating. Funny date in the title by the way ;)


20:59 OpenAtlas Feature #590 (Closed): Search - advanced features
Moved search with dates to new ticket #988 and closed this one.
20:58 OpenAtlas Feature #988 (Acknowledged): Search with dates
After refactoring dates we could implement a date filter for the search.
20:55 OpenAtlas Bug #987 (Acknowledged): Open Type in new Tab or Window
I've noticed this behaviour before and have looked into it. The issue has to do with jsTree (the JavaScript library w...


17:43 OpenAtlas Feature #985 (Closed): Check for invalid dates at actor/event participations


16:42 OpenAtlas Feature #985 (Closed): Check for invalid dates at actor/event participations
Search invalid dates in combination of events and actors and return the participation links e.g. an attending person ...


11:56 OpenAtlas Feature #974 (Closed): Cleaning up types DPP
I restored the "Kettchen and Halbmond" types. Closing this ticket for now, please reopen if needed again.

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