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Alexander Watzinger, 2018-11-05 15:13

Welcome to the OpenAtlas wiki and issue tracker.

OpenAtlas is an open source, web based database system for complex archaeological, historical and geospatial data.

The information is mapped as a network using classes and properties of the CIDOC CRM.


Development Demo
OpenAtlas website
Code at Bitbucket or GitHub

If you have a question feel free to contact us at .
Please read the issues how-to before reporting new issues.

Development was and is funded by several projects, grants, institutes and departments:



Stefan Eichert -
Idea and Concept, CIDOC CRM Adaptions and Mappings

Alexander Watzinger -
Software Development, Concept

Jan Belik -
Logo and Design Consulting

Daniel Kittel -
Quality Assurance


Asil Çetin
Bernhard Koschicek
Christof Rauchenberger
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller
Judith Pucher (Digital Laut)
Katharina Winckler
Mihailo Popović
Petra Heinicker
Veronika Gründhammer

Online Versions

Version Online Project
OpenAtlas Demo 3.9.0 OpenAtlas
OpenAtlas Development Demo 3.10.0
Mapping Medieval Conflicts (MEDCON) 3.9.0 Mapping Medieval Conflict
Digitising Patterns of Power (DPP) 3.9.0 Digitising Patterns of Power
Frontier, Contact Zone or No Man's Land?
Hic sunt leones
Connected Clerics (CONNEC) 3.9.0 CONNEC
Byzantine Resilience (ByzRes) 3.9.0 ByzRes
Byzantines in French Fiction Character
Directory (BYZFRIC)
MA Seminar 3.9.0
DPP test version with Ostalpen data 3.9.0
OpenAtlas QA version 3.9.0

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