Written sources like for example medieval charters are mapped in OpenAtlas as a combination of several entities. The core is the content of the source and you can find them at the Source menu entry.


On the source index page is an overview of already entered sources with their type and description column (mouse over to see more).

Clicking on the name of a source brings you to the detail view.

Add and Update

Clicking on + Source button at the top of the source index page let you enter a new source. To edit a source, click on the Edit button in the detail view.

Form fields:

  • Content - a source content usually contains a summary or the whole text of the source


A source can be linked to translations respectively to the text in the original language (e.g. Latin).
The source can also be linked to a reference e.g. a physical object (parchment manuscript) of the original charter that carries the information described in the source.
The source can also be documented in other documents like for example various editions of charters or also secondary source.

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