OpenAtlas and CIDOC CRM

Model import

CIDOC CRM is used as basis for the underlying data model of OpenAtlas. Currently we are using CIDOC CRM v6.2.1

The rdfs file was downloaded from

A script is used to parse the specification and import it into a PostgreSQL database (

OpenAtlas "knows" the specification and checks every link that it is made with the application. There is also a function to check all existing links which can be useful e.g. after an import of external data.


We don't import or use inverse properties (ending with i) since our links are directed anyway. Nevertheless their labels are imported for more convenient viewing of relations.

A few properties doesn't "fit" in our system because they have URLs as a domain (our system has a foreign key on domain which must match an existing class). The are:

P3, P57, P79, P80, P81, P81a, P81b, P82, P82a, P82b, P90, P168

Also some properties are linked as sub_properties_of properties with the i postfix. Since we don't use inverse properties they are linked to there counterpart without i:

P10i, P130i, P59i

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