Network visualization

With the integration of D3.js in version 2.4.0 it is possible to visualize data as a network graph.

You need to be at least "Editor" to use this feature which has a link "Network" on the overview page.

To navigate you can drag and drop the background as a whole and you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

If you experience performance issues try different browsers, some are faster than others when dealing with massive javascript data.

Since the feature is still in development, it is possible to configure some parameters which will be only used for the current session.


When selected e.g. P11 (had participant) every entries that are connected via this property are displayed with their connection.


Since entries which are connected via chosen properties are always shown this section is mainly for defining the color of shown classes.

D3.js Parameter

Show orphans: if selected and e.g. E21 (Person) is selected, than all persons (even unconnected) are shown.
Width: the width of the resulting image in pixel
Height: the height of the resulting image in pixel
Charge: the distance between entries which are not connected in pixel
LinkDistance: the distance between connected entries in pixel