Form field map

The interactive map is tool to enter the location of places.

You have the option to:

  • Set a marker/point at the position where the physical thing is located.
  • Draw a line connected to a physical objects spatial characteristics (e.g. the course of a river or road)
  • Draw the shape of a physical thing if the precise extend is known.
  • Draw the area in which the physical thing is located. E.g. if its precise shape is not known but known to be within a certain area.

You even can combine these. For a more formal discussion of this topic take a look at Whitepaper Geometries by Stefan Eichert.

There is also an option to go into fullscreen mode (top left) or use the GeoNames search for current places to orient yourself.

You can zoom in/out, drag the content or change the basemap.

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