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Alexander Watzinger, 2020-04-09 15:13

  • Look into refactoring dict access in templates


  • Find and remove: class="tabs-container"
  • Try to add tabs to crumb URL for admin views (complicated because every argument after first is already used generically for URL parameters)
  • Merge update views
  • Move map settings from config to admin
  • Overwrite settings at creation with same name values from profile
  • Add a default value to settings and show if they are changed in views
  • profile_override: mark settings that can be overridden in the user profile
  • List fields: make buttons instead of comma separated string - testing needed! (file extensions, mail_recipients_feedback)
  • Test profile for new user
  • Test other user permissions
  • Test email functions
  • Translations: fix "Profile Bildbreite in px"
  • Watch out for duplicate entries in some versions

After Settings

  • Refactorer display_info to take a dict as parameter
  • Refactorer dict access in template
  • CONNEC mail about e.g. vacations and connections of letters (e.g. in an ongoing dispute)


  • C: Date for fix release




  • Update about CSV years before Christ (Saranya)
  • Ideas for next project
  • Connections of letters (e.g. in an ongoing dispute)
  • Tests, Mypy

Moving Byzantium

  • Logo license


  • Tests, Mypy



  • S: CSV export: "ValueError: year -1099 is out of range"
  • JF: post project hosting 2 years
  • JF: GIT dependabot


  • Type statistics (charts.js)
  • itertools - dropwhile/permutation
  • functools - reduce, partial, lrv_cache
  • collections - counter, default dict (Lamba: 'n/a')
  • bisect
  • traceback.print_stack
  • QA tools: black, coala, sonarqube, enforce via CI
  • Memory views
  • Pandas: PostGis placeholder
  • Pandas: gpkg


2020-05 - V: Project time planning, project bonus
2020-05 - Check Leeds cancellation refund
2020-06 - University lecture?
2020-07 - Power in Landscape article
2020-07 - CIDOC SIG October

Back in office

  • Sync time sheets
  • Sync keypass
  • Activate new mail folders

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