There are three types of events (based on the CIDOC CRM) that can be used.

  • Person
  • Group - e.g. a family or the Association for the Preservation of the Coelacanth
  • Legal Body - e.g. Greenpeace or the National Museum of Denmark


On the actor index page you see an overview of already entered actors with their class, dates and description column (mouse over to see more).

Clicking on the name of an actor brings you to the detail view.

Add and Update

Clicking on one of the + button at the top of the actor index page let you enter a new one. To edit an actor click on the Edit button in the detail view.

Form fields:

  • Residence - a place can be selected e.g. the location of an institute or the main residence of an actor
  • Born in / Begins in - the place where a person was born or a group/legal body began
  • Died in / Ends in - the place where a person died or a group/legal body ended

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