OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.10.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 4 days ago

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.10.0.

News for Users
  • New event class Creation to track creators of documents (#1934)
  • Radiocarbon dating (#1090)
  • New layout with (more) Bootstrap which looks nicer, is more consistent and works better with smaller devices (#1866)
  • Additional user interface translations: Spanish and Catalan (#1921)
  • Showing disk space used by the project (#1940)
  • Experimental functionality to fetch data from ARCHE (#1848)
  • Many form improvements like unified error messages and easier to use multi select fields
  • Additional documentation in the user manual
News for Admins and Developers
  • A new package (python3-requests) is needed
  • In case you are using tests, adaption in the test configuration is needed
  • For more details see install/upgrade/

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.9.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger about 1 month ago

This update is mostly about system improvements concerning file structure, logging, tests and similar.
A complete list of changes is available here: 7.9.0.

News for Users
  • Many fixes, general improvements and manual additions
  • The file structure has been changed to consolidate project file directories (#1912).
    Be sure to read the upgrade notes (install/upgrade/ and be aware, that external applications/scripts, e.g. backup scripts or presentation sites might need adaptions too.

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.8.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 3 months ago

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.8.0.

News for Users
  • Types can be set to be required at data entry (#1400)
  • Artifacts (and human remains) can now be composed of other artifacts (#1647)
  • Places can be added at artifacts and human remains forms dynamically (#1863)
  • Selections in form popups can now be closed with clicking outside of it (#1835)
  • Files can also be uploaded using a drag and drop field (#1508)
  • Order entities by date (#1873)
  • Like announced, the deprecated API version 0.2 was removed in this release (#1843)

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.7.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 4 months ago

This version contains a lot of new functionality, mainly to make entering and structuring of places, artifacts and subunits a lot easier.
A complete list of changes is available here: 7.7.0.

News for Users
  • Artifacts and human remains can now be linked directly to places or subunits (#1587).
  • Artifacts can now be used in acquisition events (#1641)
  • Linking references to multiple subunits (#1541)
  • New places can now be added in forms dynamically (#1785)
  • Intersecting polygons on the map can now be selected individually (#1790)
  • Additional checks for orphaned subunits are available in the admin area (#1811)
  • A new GeoJSON is available in the API (#1817)
  • The manual now also provides information about the model (#1751)
  • There are some details to take care of when updating. So be sure to read the upgrade notes before (install/upgrade/
  • This is the last version that will support the deprecated API version 0.2. In case other systems still depend on it, they should be updated to use the 0.3 version before the next release.

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.6.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.6.0.

News for Users
  • To improve usability invalid form selections are now filtered (instead of displaying an error message if selected).
    E.g. at an event entry it isn't possilbe anymore to select itself or a sub event as the super event (#1788)
  • The import functions can now also be used for bibliographies and editions (#1781)
  • Readonly users now have access to the file list (#1792)
  • Time span examples were added to the manual (#1699)

Because of a bug (#1793) in 7.5.0 users with the group contributor weren't able to insert or edit data anymore.
In case you are running the 7.5.0 version and have users with the contributor group we recommend to upgrade as soon as possible.

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.5.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago

In this release the form functions were completely rewritten, noticeable changes are listed below. A complete list of changes is available here: 7.5.0.

News for Users
  • Forms
    • Types can now be added dynamically in forms (with at least editor permissions) (#1690)
    • Empty type fields are not shown anymore to not clutter the user interface (#1761)
    • Improved validations (#1768)
  • Archeological subunits can now be linked like places, e.g. with events (#1637:)
  • Improved user statistics (#1737)
  • Manual
    • Entities are linked to the respective CIDOC documentation (#1710)
    • Additional FAQs (#1726)

At the type overview there are warnings displayed in case the specific type won't show up in forms because it either has no connections to classes or no sub types to select.
You might want to check them to clean up.

  • If no timestamp is available, the LPF now returns the value null instead of the string None (#1767)
  • The show parameter has a new option description (#1783) and will also work with GeoJSON format (#1782)

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.4.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 8 months ago

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.4.0.

News for users

  • New event type (called event) which can be used to insert events without actors, e.g. a natural disaster (#1620)
  • Human remains can now be linked to a current owner (e.g. a museum) (#1108)
  • Dates can now be entered with time, configurable in your profile (#1574)
  • Type names can now contain special characters (#1633)
  • Layout improvements with the upgrade of Bootstrap (#1581)
  • Additional step by step examples in the manual (#1725)

News for admins

  • The new stable API version is now 0.3 (instead 0.2). Systems using the API (e.g. presentation sites) should be checked and adapted if needed.

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.3.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 9 months ago

In this release we worked mostly on improving existing features, especially when working with types.
A complete list of changes is available here: 7.3.0.

News for users
  • Types set to multiple can now be switched to single if there are no multiple linked entities. You can check for multiple links in the type overview (#1501)
  • A type can now be removed even if it has subs and/or linked entities. A warning page showing concerning subs and entities will be shown (#1498)
  • Users with the contributor role can now only delete entries they have created themselves (#1388)
  • API performance improvements which are advantageous for e.g. presentation sites (#1655)
  • Step by step examples for move events in manual (#1700)
News for admins
  • After doing software updates you can use the script install/upgrade/ to update the database as well. It can be used over multiple releases beginning from 6.6.0 (#1604)
  • gis database schema tables were merged into one table at the model schema. In case external applications depend on direct database access you should take care about that (#1631)
  • With the next release (7.4.0) the API version 0.2 will be deprecated and version 0.3 will be the new default. Version 0.2 will still be available (probably about 2 releases) until it will be removed.

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.2.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 10 months ago

Main changes in this release:
  • The map module was completely rewritten, known bugs were solved and there are a lot of improvements related to performance, usability and layout.
  • With this release we present our first data analysis tool: anthropological sex estimation, more information is available in the manual.
  • Because it was often requested we added a requirement.txt for alternative installation methods. Be aware that this is still experimental.

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.2.0.

OpenAtlas: OpenAtlas 7.1.0 released

Added by Alexander Watzinger 12 months ago

In this release CIDOC CRM was updated from 6.2.1 to the current 7.1.1 version.
The user interface hasn't changed because of that but in case the data is used elsewhere you should take a look at the adaptions in the OpenAtlas model, see #1506.
There also have been some API (breaking) changes so be sure to consult the upgrade notes in case you're using it.

Other changes include:
  • Much improved value type display in forms
  • Multiple aliases can now be added in one go
  • Minor improvements in the user interfaces, performance, ...

A complete list of changes is available here: 7.1.0.


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