Feature #1690

Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 year ago

It may happen that user want to add possible missing types while entering data. Currently they have to go the type page, add/adapt one and than begin data entering again (or refresh the page) and may loose already entered (but not saved) data. 

 From now on users (with required permissions) can click on 
 To remedy this we could implement a feature to add types from within the "+" sign beside the search filter insert/update form like this: 
 * Add a button in the popup insert/update form to enter a new type (for users with permission to do so) 
 * Provide a simple "popup" to enter the name and create choose a super from a type tree 
 * Refresh the form field with the new available type with basic information like name, super, description. Once created 
 * For the "Actor Actor Relation" type we would also need a "reverse name" field. We could look at it will be automatically selected. 

 together if unclear.