Feature #1574

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 7 months ago

The INDIGO project will need dates with hours and minutes because if the data is already available (e.g. timestamps of pictures taken) we should track it.
We already use timestamp without time zone in the PostgreSQL database but we have to think about how to implement it in the user interface.


We could call the option: **dates_with_time** and implement
interface, either we
* show
it similar to e.g. the "sub units" option: everywhere
* Add this or implement a config/profile option at admin/modules to set a default for new user
* Add
but this option at profile/modules for users to override

In the database we already save them as timestamp without time zone so they should be entered like that.
* Forms: display 3 additional fields (hours/minutes/seconds) for dates if activated OR a time is already entered
* Validate
could get tricky when someone turned it off and process forms accordingly
* Entity detail views: display time if not 00:00:00

* Update the manual accordingly
* Adaptions at the API? (not sure if needed)
edits entries with hour/minutes information