Refactor #936

Updated by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago

Dates will be completely rewritten. Mostly but not only for performance reasons, among other things code will be more easier readable, import/export will be much easier and so on.

Dates will be saved in additional fields of the model.entity table instead of being own entities. There will be only from and to dates (no "exact date" anymore, it is exact automatically if there is only a from date).

While refactoring dates we discovered some inconsistencies at the actor forms. The (former) first and last location of appearance cannot be mapped to the first and last date because the don't have to be necessarily connected. So we changed the fields for first/last appearance place to begin/end place of actors. Already existing entries where mapped to an event called "Appearance of _actorname_".

A special case were persons, where there was an option to choose a date for first/last appearance or birth/death. In the new version only birth/death values can be entered in the person form. Existing first/last appearances where mapped to events together with the place of first/last appearance (if available) and also called "Appearance of _actorname_".

To check your existing click on the event menu entry to get to the overview. Filter for "Appearance of" to see all new created events.