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Improved display of value types in forms

Added by Stefan Eichert almost 2 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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When entering for example an entry for finds, the value types are listed one after the other in one column in the UI. It would be better if they were selectable like other types in a hierarchical manner.
Tested on chrome


screenshot.jpg (200 KB) screenshot.jpg Stefan Eichert, 2019-02-07 17:09

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Is duplicate of Feature #1285: Improve value types displayAssigned2020-11-23Actions



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I assume the ticket is more about the display (clearer indentation and/or opening/closing nodes with jsTree) rather than the order, which is correct (ordered hierarchical and then alphabetically on same level), so I changed this ticket to an acknowledged feature and adapted the subject. Please comment if I misunderstood the issue.

We already talked about the display in forms a few month ago when the value types were implemented and decided together that it is good enough for now.

However, I fully understand the desire for a better display solution. Deciding how to do this and implenting it is not a trival task.

Two approaches I can think of are:

  • Identation for lower levels. This would make the viewing/editing easier but the list can still be a long one
  • Using jsTree like in type overview. But we would have to think about how to present it with open/closed nodes for already entered data (so it doesn't get overlooked). Also using jsTree could be problematic itself (e.g. see reported bug #987) and integrating it in forms with dynamic generated types could get quite tricky.

Maybe we can take a look at it when redesigning the frontend.


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