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Because of thousands empty types, mainly administrative units, we are deleting every emtpy one. For historical reasons here is a list of non archeological empty types which were deleted.

First round: 5.411
Second round: 648
Third round: 12

archiepiskopŭ / архиепископъ    Actor Function
carĭ / царь    Actor Function
Dependant    Actor Function
jepiskupŭ / ѥпискоупъ    Actor Function
katunarĭ, čelĭnikĭ / катѹнарь, чельникь    Actor Function
kralĭ / краль    Actor Function
vladyka / владъіка    Actor Function
Ally of    Actor Actor Relation
Enemy of    Actor Actor Relation
Friend of    Actor Actor Relation
Mentor of (Student of)    Actor Actor Relation
Provider of (Customer of)    Actor Actor Relation

Contract    Source
Letter    Source

Body Deposition Site    Place
Bridge    Place
Clearing    Place
Clusa / Clusura / Claustra    Place
Karaula    Place
Pagan Sanctuary    Place
small lake    Place
Sowing    Place
Villa Rustica    Place
Watchtower    Place

CC BY-NC    License
CC BY-NC-SA    License
CC BY-ND    License
CC BY-SA    License
Proprietary license    License

HM A2 - höher als breit (>2mm)    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM C2 - mehrfach profiliert    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM D3 - bügelseitig profiliert    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM M11 - Sonderform    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM M1 - unverziert    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM M8 - Bögen    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM M9 - Blätter    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM R2 - Kreuz    Kettchen und Halbmonde
HM R3 - Kreisaugen

March/Morava–Thaya/Dyje Borderregion    Case Study


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