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Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to improve the search function so that a user could search for a specific phrase?

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I'm guessing with phrase you mean exactly in this order. Lets assume I'm in the demo version and interested in finding the place Den Haag.

The global search searches natively for phrases, so if I enter en h at I only find Den Haag. To search for en and h no matter what is in between I would have to enter a wild card so n%h finds much more, see manual:

At the table filter at e.g. the place overview: it works a little different. There you would have to put in quotes so "en h" shows you just Den Haag and 2 other entries where this seems to be contained in the description.

In case this doesn't answer your question I would kindly ask to provide an example and links for the specific situation.


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Closing this issue because it seems to be answered. In case this isn't the case, please notify us Victoria.

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