Bug #1518

New source takes extremly long

Added by Stefan Eichert 8 months ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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Adding a new source in the thanados instance takes extremly long. (2min +). Tested on V.6.3.0. Testing the same locally, (v.6.2.0) works as supposed with the same database dump.
Tested on Chrome on various machines with fast internet.



Updated by Alexander Watzinger 8 months ago

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Can confirm, moved the issue to the OpenAtlas project and will look into it. Thank you for reporting.


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 8 months ago

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This was a rather strange one.
First I couldn't reproduce it locally, one difference to the online version was that I hadn't that many files in the upload directory. So I imported files from an old backup and with that I was able to reproduce the long loading times. Being able to reproduce it I found the culprit: using a render_template function for check boxes in multi select tables in forms. Doing this without templates made it much faster. The strange thing is that this should be completely unrelated to the amount of files in the upload directory, it also makes no differences after removing the template call anymore.

However, it still takes a few seconds but is much faster than before. The fix is in the develop branch which I already uploaded to THANADOS.
I hope entering of data goes smoother now and thanks again for reporting.


Updated by Stefan Eichert 8 months ago

Thx for the quick fix!

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