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Libraries for visualization

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Dear fellow developers,

I would like to try out JavaScript libraries for visualization (e.g. a diagrams to show distribution of types) similar to the already really nice looking charts at
Do you have any recommendations, also in the light of that we may find "standard" technologies for e.g. user interface and frontend.
Since I don't feel really qualified to evaluate frontend libraries I would be happy about your input.



Updated by Bernhard Koschicek 4 months ago

If it is for the UI, why not use python libs like matplot ? I think it would be easier to implement.


Updated by Stefan Eichert 4 months ago

What I am using for THANADOS is:

for charts: Charts.js
for network visualisation: vis.js (community edition)
for 3d models: babylon.js viewer (however I think I am going to switch to some other solution such as three.js)
for maps: Leaflet with various plugins
for interactive skeleton view e.g. (see osteology tab): only svg with certain hierarchy and ids to be manipulated via js


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Thanks Berni for the tip, I will look into matplot. Although it won't help with the frontend I'm much more comfortable in Python, it looks great and there even is a Debian package ;)

Also thank you Stephan for the specifications of THANADOS JavaScript libraries. That will come in handy soon, the visualizations you've done there are quite impressive.

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