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Human Remains Interface

Added by Nina Richards over 1 year ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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A (graphical) interface to enter anthropological data - making it easier to enter them not from published sources but raw information from analyses. Showing an overview of a burial with its human remains.
This serves also as a base for implementing other tools: Anthropological_Analyses

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Thank you Nina for opening this issue, I like the idea. I moved it to 5.7.0 for now, if it turns out to be not realistic in near future we can move it to wishlist again.
I'll guess first step will be to specify requirements, e.g.

  • Which kind data will be used
  • Do we need additional mappings or do the existing suffice
  • How would the input views look like and work like
  • Definition of analyze functions

Since issues are not really suitable for conception work I created a new Wiki page: Anthropological_Analyses, we can look at it together at the next opportunity. As long as we are in the concept phase we will leave Nina as assignee.


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@ Stefan Eichert
We are already at the conception phase. One implementation option would be to use value types to enter data for the analyses module. These types would be predetermined and viewable but not editable in the backend. We would to like ask you as our model expert if the value types solution is "good enough" (would be easier to implement because we already have them) or if you have ideas/suggestions about other model connections which may be more suitable or more appropriate.


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  • Precedes Feature #1445: Tool - Anthropological sex estimation added

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Updated by Alexander Watzinger 6 months ago

Sadly our current type functions would interfere with the sex estimation types and we have to put this feature on hold till we fix the update mechanic of entities (update links instead delete and recreate all every time).

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