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Dear "core" team!

As with version 5.0 a lot of new features have been implemented and due to the rapid development that is currently going on we had the idea to carry out a "hackathon" with the people that are listed as watchers in this issue.
The idea would be to gather the users (Jenni, Roland, Nina, myself) who do the data acquisition and the developers (Alex, Christoph, Berni) with the aim to go through the steps the "input" people do when entering/editing their data together with the developers. Check for bugs and other issues, create the respective tickets and maybe even fix them on the fly in some test environment to have it merged to the main development branch once it is refactored etc.

I think with this "event" we could collect a great amount of tickets and get lots of inupt from our users that probably gets lost due to the fear of writing tickets by our humble users ;-)

UPDATE: As the team agreed to do this there is the doodle to schedule the date:

UPDATE2: As doodle commands, the hackathon will take place on June 17th and we will start at 10am. I will organize as session room in the museum for this and will be happy to see you then!


Document: Hackathon_2020-06-17



Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 1 month ago

+1, I like the idea


Updated by Christoph Hoffmann about 1 month ago

same here, some direct interaction would likely accellerate the pace for improvements

also: community building ftw!


Updated by Bernhard Koschicek about 1 month ago

Good idea! I'm in!


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Updated by Stefan Eichert about 1 month ago

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There seems to be no wiki page to collect ideas so I linked an issue that I would like to discuss (#1222)


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Added document Hackathon_2020-06-17 to Wiki to document Hackathon before, while and after.


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A big thank you to all participants and Stefan for organizing. It was very nice, there were a lot of good ideas, clarifications and suggestions. Closing issue but we definitely should do something like this again.

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