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Usability issue with select tables

Added by Alexander Watzinger 2 months ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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There are some usability issue with select tables for single entries (no check boxes) e.g. when trying to choose a residence at

I'm not sure how to solve this but the problem is that a very big table opens and takes all space, you have to scroll down to page. To select an entry you have to click exactly on the name which is bold (when mouse over the cursor turns to an insert text sign) in the first column, not on an alias below or on any other column.

This is not very convenient or intuitive. I'm not sure exactly how to fix this (maybe an extra column with a select button, there is enough space) but hopefully we can improve on that.

Also it would be nice if the focus is already in the filter field when shown initially (single or multi table selects).



Updated by Alexander Watzinger about 2 months ago

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Updated by Christoph Hoffmann 20 days ago

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turned on normal link highlighting for single select tables. the height issues are harder to catch (since the user can set the rows himself globally...) one option would be to move the pageing to the top of the table.

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