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Adding references to sub units (citation)

Added by Nina Brundke 10 months ago. Updated 14 days ago.

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Would it be possible to show the article/book, that is cited as main source for a site first when picking a reference for Statigraphic unit and find? It would save a lot of time when entering the data into the database. Maybe an example can help: At the moment I'm entering data for the graveyard of Mitterpullendorf. The data is included in the book Obenaus 2010. I saved the reference as reference for the site. All the other information is coming from the same book. So it would be very handy if I wouldn't have to search for Obenaus 2010 whenever I reference data (pictures and other information) from this site but if it would be the first suggested citation in the list of references. Would that be possible?



Updated by Alexander Watzinger 10 months ago

Thank you for reporting. I'm not sure I understand completely and just thinking aloud so feel free to correct me. Of course Stefan is invited to chip in too.

So basically we have the structure: Place -> Stratigraphic unit -> Feature -> Find/Human Remains

And if I understand correctly:
  • you are at a strategraphic unit and want to link an existing reference
  • in the list of available references you would like already linked ones to the place on top
Multiple issues come to mind:
  • there is no "main source" for a site, there can be multiple references and all are equal
  • by the same logic if you are at e.g. a find, all references from above (Feature, Strat. Unit, Place) would have to show on top of the list too
Compared to a workflow already possible at the moment:
  • you are at a strategraphic unit and want to link an existing reference
  • at the add reference table you type e.g. oben in the search filter field above and select Obenaus 2010 from the 3 displayed ones

Is this correct so far or did I misunderstand or missed something?


Updated by Alexander Watzinger 10 months ago

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Like discussed in last meeting we will try to solve it with an extra + button at subunits which only offers references already connected to entries above.


Updated by Stefan Eichert 9 months ago

I think this could be (from a conceptual point of view) achieved by differentiating between primary and secondary (bibliographical) sources in the reference.
The link between the entity and the reference could be linked to a type ("primary" or "secondary") to state that one reference is the main source and the others are further bibliography entries. When adding a new reference to the subunits or to images that are attached to them this main source could somehow be suggested more prominent so it would be easier to select the right reference.

Hope this is in some way, what Nina wanted to have?
best, Stefan


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